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Isomalt Supplies


Here it is! First video on equipment. Below is the video and the full list of equipment that has been helpful while on this sugar glass adventure. (There’s even some things on the list that I’ve forgotten in the video. Whoops, I’m human. Forgive.) Enjoy!!

Full Isomalt Sugar Glass Equipment List:

-stovetop and oven

-stainless steel pot (I like a 4 quart stock pot)

-candy thermometer 🌡

-silicone spatula

-silicone brush

-various sizes of Pyrex measuring cups (based on how big of a batch you are doing)

-various silicone molds (again based on what you are making)

-a bowl larger than the pot you are cooking with

-distilled water

-isomalt (I know, I forgot it in the video)

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